Flexible polyurethane foams are used in cushioning material applied to furniture, textile, automotive and shoe industries. With decades of experience, we combine practical manufacturing expertise and a mix of technologies in offering choice of slabstock machines that suits individual customer’ s demand.

Thanks to our knowledge on PU industry, we have a strong client-network of 350 Foam plants around the world and our plants range from well known Maxfoam to High-pressure technology.


Slabstock foams are usually processed continuously by individual metering of chemicals through a mixing head into the bottom of Trough to a parallel conveyorised tunnel with fall-plates positioned at certain angles. The foaming mix is prepared continuously in a low pressure or high pressure mixing head fed with various polyol , isocyanate , caralyst , surfactant and other additives streams in precisely defined proportion. The conveyers will move at a controlled speed untill the foam bun rise to full height and ready for cutting into predetermined lengths. The cut-foam buns are then moved away with the help of trolleys.
Following various foam techniques developed recently depeding on quality and ease of foam processability and have been commercialized :
1) Max foam process
2) Laydown process
3) Verti foam process
4) Vacuum foaming process
5) Liquid Co2 assisted blowing process.

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Batch foaming machine

When production volumes are targeted from low-medium scale, discontinuous ( semi automatic) ” batch block” operation is preferred. The process involves individual metering of all raw materials according to the formula fed into the computer and mixed into a mixing vessel and dispatched further into a variable sized rectangular mould.
The semiautomatic batch machine does not require any cleaning methods and blocks are produced simultaneously with self cleaning process. Production rate can be maximized to 12 blocks/ hour.

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